Jim Dalling

Qualified Mediator and Psychotherapist in Halifax

Divorces, elder issues and workplace conflicts? They are like big bags of shoes. As a mediator, I help people in conflict unpack them. Together, we determine what is useful, what fits, what is worn out, and what really stinks. In doing so, we lighten the load and clear the air so we can move forward to new opportunities.

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I offer a supportive presence in which you can explore new perspectives and discover possibilities you’ve never imagined.

Elder care mediation is a growing practice. I offer a supportive presence for you and your loved ones to have essential conversations. Together, we develop plans and processes to care for the elderly that best address the needs and strengths of all concerned.

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Separation and divorce is a complicated and overwhelming experience. A mediator creates a safe forum where people in conflict can identify their issues, resolve their differences and move on with their lives.

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You have all the resources you need to make it through your tough times. I can help you find them. The good news? The changes you want to make are much closer than you think.

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About Jim

As a psychotherapist, mediator, workshop leader, speaker and coach I’ve helped thousands of people imagine new possibilities and enact real change in their lives.


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Contact Jim Dalling for a consultation today. Jim is a qualified Mediator and Psychotherapist located right in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Let’s see what your options are.

“Jim is a compassionate professional with high integrity, professionalism, and knowledge on how to promote the psychological well being of individuals. He has great insight and expertise into human relationships and behaviour. I recommend him to any adults and youth who are looking to talk to someone who can provide guidance in a practical and nurturing manner.”

– Dr. Kiran Pure, Psychologist


47 Wentworth Street in Dartmouth